Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Leaping Into the Unknown

I'm running out of time.

My move 500 miles north is getting a lot closer.

I'm getting invited to participate in martial arts things that I have to decline because I won't live here any more.

I have two Kobudo classes left.

I have two big Arnis seminars left.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited by the potential of what I'll do next.  I spend a lot of time researching and thinking about it. I'm antsy I can't just get started on all those things.

You see, I love to plan things and then just execute the plan.  The waiting I have to go through SUCKS and I hate that part with the passion of a million burning suns.

You and me both, pal.

I've re-started my martial arts life twice. Once in Nevada, once in Texas (as I started training two moves ago). I know well the frustration of trying to find a new martial arts home, the place that "feels right" where we can settle in and train.

The truth is, though, I'm a little afraid to leave the martial arts life I live here in Texas behind..  Eight years of training here have been kind to me, and to my family.  It really has become my martial arts home.

I have a really good teacher. I have training partners.  I have friends and connections, more than I can count, and I appreciate that community I'm a part of.  It's comfortable and I belong.

But all that is going out the window.

I'm taking a great big leap into the unknown when it comes to the martial arts, and that's really scary.

Could be...
For some folks, this would be a time to just stop training.  After all, I'm a 2nd degree Black, and I could "take a break". Lots of people make this choice when they move or have some other big life change.


No. Can't do that.

Remember, I train not just so I will become one of the toughest little old ladies you ever met.  I train for my health.  Physical, and mental.

I just can't imagine how I'd live without training, I just... can't.

So look out, Kansas City.  The Stick Chick is coming to town.

Have you had to change cities and re-establish yourself in the martial arts?  How did it work out for you?  What problems did you have?  Let us know in the comments!