Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Facing the Change

I've been hinting at a possible big change coming for the Stick Chick in 2018 for a while now, and finally I can talk about it publicly.  It was mostly dependent on the decision Older Daughter made about college.

She's made her decision, and as a result, we've made the decision to relocate from Texas back to the Kansas City area by the summertime.

We're going home.

I moved away from Kansas City in 2005.

At that time, I didn't train.  I decided to make a huge change in my life and get healthier in 2007, and I first stepped on a mat in a martial arts school in 2008, in Mississippi.  Since then, I moved cross-country twice, had a second child, and started training Presas Arnis full time in late 2010.

I did not have a martial arts life in Kansas City, so this is going to be interesting.

To my knowledge, there isn't anyone who teaches Presas Arnis like my teacher teaches, nor does it have anybody actively teaching who is a member of the World Modern Arnis Alliance as I am.

That means we're going to have to take charge and create it.  Plant the flag for Presas Arnis, I guess?

One small step for an Arnisadora, one giant leap for Arniskind.

I'll be working hard to find a place (or two, or three) to teach Presas Arnis up there, so I can continue to grow in my core style. It's my hope to get a big enough group and to make enough connections that we'll be able to bring in my teacher and +Datu Hartman (and others, of course) for seminars.  There are a few Kombatan folks up there that I definitely plan to get with, if at all possible.

As Presas Arnis is a blend of Modern Arnis and Kombatan, here in Texas we're sort of the Kombatan-y Modern Arnis players.  Up there, we'll be the Modern Arnis-y Kombatan players!

I'm contemplating what additional training I'll do up there outside of Arnis.  There's a lot of options to consider but I have several really interesting possibilities to choose from, some of which were not available to me in Texas, so that's pretty darn exciting.

While I'm in Texas, I'm trying to train with everybody I possibly can before I leave.  There's one more Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance session to come - MAPA 13 - and I'm hoping to train with the statewide Texas Modern Arnis Coalition down in the Houston or College Station area some time in April.

Plus we have +Prof. Dan Anderson coming here in April, and Grand Master Shelley Millspaugh of Kapitiran Mandirigma coming in May.

And of course, much of my free time will be spent on preparing for the move.

A lot of this is in my relatively near future.

It's also not like I don't have connections to Kansas City in the martial arts world.  Not only did I meet a few at the Ernesto Presas Legacy Camp last summer in Denver, but my Texas martial arts family has plenty of connections to the Heartland of America.

As for the Stick Chick blog, nothing changes, as I plan to keep on writing about my journey and my observations on our weird little hobby of acquiring bruises for fun.

So keep an eye on this space - and if you're in the Kansas City area, let's connect and train.

Let me close out this post with this:

Have you made a big move and had to re-establish your martial arts training in your new place? How did you do it?  Any tips for finding folks to train with? Let me know in the comments!