Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Four Years and Counting...

My very first post on this blog was on December 6, 2013 - four years ago today.

It wasn't a very notable post.  And indeed, most of the posts I here in those first few months were... well... questionable at best.  Some of them I'm proud of, others... well, not so much.

It's kind of like four years ago I slapped on a white belt and stepped into the martial arts blogging dojo. Today, I'm far from a black belt, but hey, I might be a decent... purple belt, maybe?

I'm no Dwight Schrute,though.

I started all this as a way to learn how to blog, and how to use social media. I'm a marketer by trade, but more in the analytics and direct marketing space, and I wanted to teach myself modern marketing tools, some of which you can read about in my blog post here.

I've had a regular contributor (Troy Seeling) and other periodic guest posters.  In 2018 content from another blog (the Martial Learner) written by Mr. Chick, will be making its debut here as that blog is "moving in" to the Stick Chick blog.

I re-run old content here on the blog often, so I get to look at how this blog and I, myself, as a martial artist, have changed.

Regarding the blog, well, the format of the blog is different than when I started.  I used to have a schedule of themed posts and now I (generally) don't.  I think I'm a better writer than when I started. I think the blog is a little old-school in terms of design but I think it's more readable that way, so I've stepped back from a plan to modernize it.

In the martial arts, besides rank changes (promoted to Dayang Dalawa, 2nd Degree Black, this year, as well as earning my AKATO Kobudo black belt), writing this blog has helped me connect with tons of martial artists all over the world.  I've learned how big and varied our martial arts community really is. I've seen some hilarious things, sometimes intentional (Thanks, Master Ken!) and sometimes not so much.

I've met and trained with people I "met" through this blog. Some of you have become regular online friends, and that might actually be the best part of this whole experience.

Get in here, you...

Putting yourself out there for criticism isn't easy. Note there's not a lot of video of me just yet because I do suck - less than I used to, but still...

For the most part, my experience with most of you has been really positive and fun, and I'm grateful for that.

So thank you, dear reader.  Thanks for reading, for liking and plussing and hearting and sharing on social media.  Thanks for commenting sometimes (PLEASE DO comment, whether or not you agree with me.  I want to hear from you).

Lots of big changes are coming for me, personally, in 2018, and I hope you'll stick around while that happens.

Please do like this blog's page on Facebook - found here - and share that with your friends there.  I post content that doesn't make the blog there often.   I have a great audience on Google Plus, so shout-out to my friends there.  I'm also on Tumblr, and on Twitter, and I even collect all of the posts I make here on a board on Pinterest.

I always appreciate your feedback, and if you have any, ping me via the social media channel of your choice, or heck, you can leave a comment here on the blog.

Thanks, everyone!