Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 05/20/17

Here's how my week of training, writing, teaching, and miscellaneous Filipino Martial Arts-y goodness went.

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday:  I covered classes at Hidden Sword, so I managed the taekwondo class (with the help of senior brown belts). They have a second class that's usually a sparring class, so it was a WEAPONS sparring class!  Then during Arnis, Mr. Chick worked with some student while I worked with others on kobudo.  Busy day.
Sunday:  Mother's Day - and I got to spend it at a seminar! Thanks to GM Art Miraflor and +Prof. Dan Anderson for a fantastic day!
Monday:   With Mr. Chick out with an injury and as busy as we were over the weekend, did necessary chores as I knew I'd be super-busy all week!
Tuesday:   Class at Mid-Cities Arnis. We worked on our kicks and elbows in family class, and in adult class, we worked some bag drills with sticks.
Wednesday:   Finalized Baston Anyo Lima with the Jo. I think it's pretty good, if I don't say so myself!
Thursday:   Reviewed Anyos and worked on Defensive Response #1 in family class.  Adult class was lightly attended so we ended early.
Friday:  Stick sparring and our tournament form classes.  Went well, and my kids are nearly ready!

Prof Dan Anderson, left, and me, right, working as his uke for the session. Very fun and an honor!


Here's the original content I posted this week:
Monday:  Of Blunt and Blade
Wednesday: Who Has Two Thumbs and is Injured Again?
Friday: FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Does Lineage Matter?

And here's what I re-shared this week:
Tuesday:   The Purple Knuckles Club
Thursday:   Injury: The Nature of the Beast


Datu +Dieter Kn├╝ttel posted this video, and it's awesome.

Friend of this blog, Renato Fonseca, reposted a blog of mine (with his own well-taken thoughts) on his blog, in Portuguese!  Check it out here: 5 Dicas (+1) para Novatos em Artes Marciais com mais de 40 anos

Fantastic video about the physics of fencing:


Today I'm driving to Waco (about an hour and a half or so) to a seminar on White Crane Kung Fu and the Okinawan Eku (that's the boat paddle looking weapon).  It's gonna be VERY FUN.  Tomorrow we teach Women's Self Defense.

So yep, it's another weekend with yours truly moving a mile a minute in ten different directions!

Hope your week was awesome!

So what did YOU do this week?  What did you train? What did you teach?  Did you see any really cool martial arts stuff online?  Let me know!