Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 04/22/17

Here's how my week of training, writing, teaching, and miscellaneous Filipino Martial Arts-y goodness went.

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday:  Practiced a little in the morning, then went out to Bridgeport to help out at my teacher's "HSMA Modern Arnis Instructor's Course" session.  Very long and fun day!
Sunday:  Easter.  Did a little bit of festivities then both myself and Older Daughter got sick, so we went to bed and stayed there most of the day.  Boooo.
Monday:   Hubby has done something BAD to his knee over the weekend, so gym is light this week. Went to class at Hidden Sword.  Last week before testing, so we reviewed Anyos and a few other things.
Tuesday:   Morning gym.  Mr. Chick taught class while I went with Older Daughter to an event at school.
Wednesday:  Class at Hidden Sword. Worked on last-minute things for my 10 minute presentation for our test this weekend.
Thursday:  Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis.  Reviewed Anyos a little bit, then we worked on the "wooden man" drill for Brush Grab Strike.
Friday:  Morning gym. Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis.  Stick sparring - we worked on translating things we do in sinawali to using double-sticks in stick sparring.


Here's the original content I posted this week:
Monday:  Training the Trainers
Wednesday:  The Big Test
Friday: FACE-OFF FRIDAY: What Other Style(s) Would You Study (if you could)?

And here's what I re-shared this week:
Tuesday:   Martial Arts Ruins Everything
Wednesday: Injury: Just Train


Hey, cool, +Larry McDonnell was featured in his local newspaper.  Way to go, Larry! One in a Million: Man with dwarfism has passion for martial arts

+Ando Mierzwa has a neat video (below) and excuse me, sir, but the correct answer to "Which is the best style of martial arts" is "MINE!"

Great read on Bartitsu and jiu-jitsu and the Suffragette movement - read it: The Martial Art that (sort of) Won British Women the Right to Vote

This is making the rounds in the martial arts world online, and for good reason:

Details were finalized and we have a new seminar that Mid-Cities Arnis will host (in partnership with Hidden Sword Martial Arts).  It's on Mother's Day and I can't think of a better present for mom!  Here's the event details over on Facebook:  STICK and STEEL Seminar with GM Art Miraflor and Professor Dan Anderson


Today's the big testing day!  I will be going to Roanoke early for last minute practice, then the test is at 1 pm.  I know our guys are gonna do great!  I'm doing a presentation for my 2nd degree about how Arnis and my Kobudo training blend (and how Arnis gives me the ability to use other weapons).

Hope your week was as productive as mine was.

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So what did YOU do this week?  What did you train? What did you teach?  Did you see any really cool martial arts stuff online?  Let me know!