Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 12/24/16

Here's how my week of training, writing, teaching, and miscellaneous Filipino Martial Arts-y goodness went.

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday:  Christmas party at Hidden Sword Martial Arts. I ended up managing most of the games, including the soft weapons sparring fun.  Great day!
Sunday:  First day of the holiday "season" where I am not running like a maniac every weekend.  Practiced a bit, but it was a quiet day, where we basically did most of our stocking up for the next two weeks.
Monday:   Hidden Sword is on holiday, so I stayed home.  Make our Yule Log cake we're doing this season (picture below).  The idea is that instead of burning a wood log in our fireplace for 12 days, we made a cake and we are sharing one piece a night for 12 nights!
Tuesday:   Taught at Mid-Cities Arnis.  First night of Yule.
Wednesday:  All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth - literally.  Spent the morning at the dentist getting new crowns for my front two teeth.  Spent the day on painkillers and went to bed early!
Thursday:  Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis.
Friday: Everyone no-showed at MCA (not surprised but since we did not officially close, we were up there for a while).  Came home and again went to bed early.

Our Yule Log Cake.


Here's the original content I posted this week:
Monday:   5 Gift Suggestions for the Martial Artist (for Cheapskates)
Wednesday:  That Guy: The Fanboy

And here's what I re-shared this week:
Tuesday:   We had no internet for most of 24 hours, so no re-share!
Thursday:  I Am The Passenger (and Navigator, too)
Friday:  FACE-OFF FRIDAY: "Going Dark" for the Holidays in Martial Arts Schools


I had to update my recent post calling shenanigans on a CBS News report that the American Academy of Pediatrics claims that "Martial Arts poses "serious risk" for children" when another reporter at the local paper in Louisville picked up the story and made it WORSE.  I really hope all y'all will share my post in your martial arts feeds to overcome the nonsense being spread by people who are terrible at their jobs.  Read the update at the end of this post:  SHENANIGANS! No, Martial Arts Does Not Pose "Serious Danger" for Kids

I tell you what, seeing how wrong they've gotten this story, my skepticism about media reports on anything regarding health issues has risen dramatically.

+Brian Johns posted a fun new video this week showing stuff I absolutely love to play with.  Check it out.


Head's up - free event at our school, Mid-Cities Arnis, on Friday, 12/30, if you're in the area.  We're having a stick sparring open mat.  We use Actionflex sticks, short rounds, and it's just for fun.  Come play with us - the Facebook event with the details can be found HERE.  Come meet me and try it out - no experience is necessary!

Today we are going to go see the new Star Wars movie, then bake cookies, and Santa comes tonight.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day, and we plan to eat a nice meal together and relax.

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

So what did YOU do this week?  What did you train? What did you teach?  Did you see any really cool martial arts stuff online?  Let me know!