Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Goals Update: Glad It's Almost Over (But Not for the Reasons You Think)

Oh, 2016.

I know it's fashionable to say that 2016 was a terrible year, and maybe if you look at it some ways, it certainly was.  We lost some pretty beloved entertainers, and well, there was that whole election thing...

But for me, personally, 2016 was a banner year in the martial arts.  Not only did I get to study with some of the top guys in my art, I was able to be a part of a new training group that trains monthly in Arnis (and this has certainly helped my personal growth) and I've connected with other folks in my style across the United States.

GREAT year in the martial arts for yours truly, y'all.

So, back in January, I set a bunch of goals for myself, which you can read HERE.  Here's how I did with that:

1) Arnis - become proficient at playing tapi-tapi

Well, I certainly played a lot of tapi-tapi this year, and I also studied a lot of aspects of tapi-tapi.  I don't know if I'm "proficient", but I certainly took the actions it would take to become so.

I'm going to call this one a WIN.

Tomas and I playing tapi-tapi in July.

2) Growing the Empty Hand

I took some concrete action in this regard in 2016 - studying Ryukyu Kempo and starting up Okinawan Karate.  I stated in my goals last year I would do this - and I certainly did.  I go to Okinawan Karate class - and this is just for fun, mind, no rank involved - once a month.  WIN.

3) Exercise is not optional

Weeeelllll.... yes it is, apparently.

Something had to give, this is it.  I have attempted, at times, to get into a body-weight routine here at home, and it has epic failed.


Better than what I accomplished this year, lemme tell ya.

4) Grow Mid-Cities Arnis to 20 Students

We tried a number of things to achieve this goal, and it didn't happen.  FAIL.

5) Blog Goals

I set a goal of 68k views in 2016.  I blew this one away, big-time.  I think I'll hit 90K views for 2016 by the end of the year, which will be sweet.  I averaged 248 views a day, versus a goal of 186.  WIN.

So, even though I have some big fails, overall, 2016 was a WIN year for me in the martial arts. I did lots of things not on my goal list - I attended a number of seminars from top leaders (Including +Datu Hartman and Datu +Dieter Kn├╝ttel) in my art, I earned my Brown Belt in Kobudo over the summer... heck, I even traveled to Michigan in July for the Modern Arnis Unity Camp.

I made a lot of new friends in the martial arts world, got to train with all sorts of really interesting people, and got to learn all sorts of amazing things.  So from that perspective - 2016 rocked.

So why am I glad it's over?  Honestly... because I could use a break!  There's usually a lull around Christmas and New Year's of about a week and a half, classes-wise, and I'm grateful, as I would like to take a nap or three and not have to be somewhere every single day, you know?

I'm kidding.  I don't eat spray cheese, yuck.

So how was YOUR year in the martial arts?  Did you achieve your goals?  What are you still working on?  Let us know in the comments!