Friday, November 4, 2016

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Favorite Martial Art Meme Images?


This time around, instead of debating a topic, I want to know what you think about martial art meme images.

Meme images (also called macros) usually are an image of some sort with a funny caption.  You've seen lots of them - the "What I do" meme, Karate Kyle, Karate Cat, "All the Things!", and so many others...

One I use often here on the Stick Chick Blog, because it will NEVER GET OLD as far as I am concerned, is Overly Manly Man.

I want you to share your favorites with us here on the Stick Chick Blog.  Which memes made you laugh out loud?  Which ones did you just HAVE to share with your martial arts friends?  Link to them in the comments because we want to see them!