Monday, October 17, 2016

And the Beatings Ensue (with Datu Dieter)

I just completed my last big seminar of my year - a two-day, twelve-hour Modern Arnis training session with the awesome Datu +Dieter Knüttel.

This was my third seminar with Datu Dieter (once last year, and during his sessions at the Modern Arnis Unity Camp over the summer).  I never fail to have two things happen to me when we see him:  I learn a lot of fundamental little details that makes me a better Modern Arnis player, and I spend much of the seminar laughing and having fun.

That's what Datu Dieter's seminars are like - they're super interesting brain-candy and you have tons of fun while you are working really hard both physically and mentally.

On day one, we worked on some fun drills working classical strikes that really hammered home the mechanic of using the hips in striking.   We worked on some espada y daga drills, which is always interesting because of the study in changing range from weapon to weapon.


We worked on tapi-tapi concepts (which got me thinking really hard), and then we worked on a sinawali pattern where you toss and catch the stick.  I love sinawali patterns, y'all, and this one was REALLY hard.


Pictured - the one time it didn't bounce off my fingers and fly across the room
Day two we worked on disarms, which is always fun. We worked on the little details of the mechanics of various common disarms.  With proper technique, disarms can be done "naked" (without set-up or distracting strikes) - it's what they emphasize over at the DAV,   There are usually many different ways to do very similar disarms, so it was great to get Datu Dieter's perspective on things I already know.

Just like my teacher does, Datu demonstrated using all of these disarms with kobudo weapons.  Most of these weapons he either hasn't used in decades, or in the cases of kama, he hadn't ever handled IN HIS LIFE.  Mr. Chick was his partner during this part of the session, and he can testify that he did NOT "give" the disarms away at all.  Datu Dieter took them with whatever object he was handling.

Then we played the 6 count drill (aka sumbrada, or what I originally learned as "3-8-12").  We got going on the pattern, then we inserted abanicos and disarms.  SO FUN.

Me defending the "12" part of 3-8-12.

We ended our day working self defense concepts in the empty hand, most of which riffed off of the application of brush grab strike, trapping hands, and obstruction removal.

By the end of day two I was mentally and physically toast.

It was another great seminar, my last big one of this year, and a very high note to end on.

If you have the opportunity to train with Datu +Dieter Knüttel TAKE IT.  Sell blood, hock something, skip lunches, but DO IT.  You will not regret it.

At most seminars, I try to get a group picture of all the women in attendance:

Another great side-effect of this seminar is that we had a lot of connections made in hour Texas Modern Arnis community, and talks began that may end up doing great things for Modern Arnis players to train together in Texas.  Watch this space, and I'll update you on that more as things develop.

Here's our group pictures (from day 1, and from day 2).

I'm exhausted, Mr. Chick is exhausted, and I'm covered with bruises and hurting, so you know I had a great time!  Look for a better and more thorough (and less me-centric) article in FMA Informative about this seminar.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take some ibuprofen and take a nap!