Friday, July 15, 2016

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Fighting, or Self Defense?


Let's consider the difference between self defense, and fighting.

Fighting, generally, involves one or more person engaged in mutual combat.  The classical fight is where two people square up, with their dukes up, and start hitting or grappling with each other.  The key difference in a fight is that none of the parties involved attempt to disengage.

Self defense, however, is where a person has to fend off violence that's been offered to them, generally in an immediate way, without it being mutually agreed upon.  There is, generally, an attacker and a defender.  The key to telling if it's self defense is if the violence that happens is not a situation where both parties agree to fight.

So I'm curious which scenario - fight or self defense - you typically train in your school.  Is it usually mutual combat (like sparring)?  Or is it more like self defense (attack, defend, and then control the attacker or escape the situation?)

Let us know in the comments!