Friday, May 20, 2016

Celebrating the birthdate of GMM Ernesto Presas Sr, founder of Kombatan

Along with his brother's art (Remy Presas, Modern Arnis), my teacher(s) were also heavily influenced by the teachings of Ernesto Presas, Sr.

His birthday would have been today.  He was born May 20, 1945.   Instead of marking the anniversary of when we lost him (November 1, 2010), I'd like to mark the anniversary of his birth - as what he did lives on in all of us who have learned from him and from his students that continue to teach us today.  He died about a year into my training under my current teacher, so I never got the opportunity or the pleasure of meeting or training directly under him.

Please take a moment to watch this - it's a demo and it's amazing thing to watch.

Additionally, I have watched this presentation many times.  So much of what my teacher does to me I see in here!

I cherish and honor the "side" of my martial arts heritage that comes from GMM Ernesto Presas.   Much of what I do - heck some of my most important go-to tools - come from Kombatan.

So join with me in thinking of him, and wishing him a Happy Birthday!