Monday, April 4, 2016

Kiaaa-HA! Martian Arts with Sensei Dave

Here's an amusing little video from Dave Seeger.  You remember him, don't you?  He's the man who rhymed the words "ninja" and "car" without any sense of shame whatsoever.

Yep, it's the guy from from The Karate Rap.

I know Samurai Studios made a movie - Sister Sensei - which can be rented online.  I was thinking, though, if "Kung Fury" can go on Netflix (and yes, I've watched it more than once now on Netflix), why can't "Sister Sensei"?  Get on it, Seegers! 

Anyway, here's a short video I stumbled across of something incredibly silly.  Look, it made me laugh out loud once or twice, ok?

I'd love to see more martial arts oriented stuff from the Seegers, wouldn't you?

Any man who can put out material where he flying side kicks a martian with nunchucks is MY KIND OF GUY.