Friday, April 29, 2016

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: When to Cross-Train?


I'm interested in your thoughts on cross-training.

Not if you should cross-train or not - I already asked that here - but if cross-training happens, WHEN in a martial arts student's journey it should take place.

Some folks cross-train from the start.  They will study, say, tae-kwon-do AND a grappling art like jiu-jitsu in order to cover all of their bases, all at the same time.

Others will get to a certain point in the study of a single art, then add in cross-training later.  The idea here is to have a "base art" where you develop a lot of skills, then add in other martial arts to address gaps in that base art (like adding weapons training to an empty hand art, or striking for a grappler, etc.)

So I want to know what you think:

When is the "right" time to start cross training?  From the beginning, or after you are competent in a "base" art?