Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 03/19/16

Here's how my week of training, writing, teaching, and miscellaneous Filipino Martial Arts-y goodness went.

What have you been up to this week?


It's Spring Break week here in Texas.  All of our classes - both at Hidden Sword and at Mid-Cities Arnis - are ghost towns.

Saturday:  Friends are visiting from out of town, so the only martial arts-y thing I was able to do was attend Kobudo class (we spent the morning at the Fort Worth Stockyards).  The good news is that I didn't actually lose my grip on my bo or my tonfa in this class after jamming my right pinkie when I was stick sparring the night before. The bad news is that you really learn how much you use your pinkies, especially when controlling the bo.  Oh, and we hit a BOB with our weapons hard and fast and that was extremely painful BUT our teachers were very pleased with how good the women's group did in striking (using our hips, keeping guards up, getting creative).  But hey, I got the job done, so I'll put the day in the "win" column.
Sunday:  Friends still in town and staying with us, so hey, we went to Medieval Times.  Second time in two months.  It was AWESOME.
Monday:  My night off.  I did practice tonfa a bit (mainly the footwork - there's a bit in our new form that has my stymied).
Tuesday:   Worked on a bit of sinawali (X-Pattern), hubad-lubad drills, and teaching another portion of Anyo Isa to our students.  We're not quite through the entire form yet, but we're getting there.
Wednesday:   Covered classes at Hidden Sword Martial Arts and practiced a bit of tonfa.  It was just me and our senior kid student, so we just played tapi-tapi for the hour, riffing on whatever occurred to us.  Fun!
Thursday:  Only had one student at Mid-Cities Arnis, so we covered with him some material from a special topics class we did earlier in the month that he couldn't attend.  It was introduction to pressure points and some basic locks (wrist, finger).
Friday: Had two students, so not only did we practice Anyo Isa, but we got to stick spar. Great way to end the week!

Working on Anyo Isa using only the footwork. 


I posted these posts of original content this week:

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Wednesday:  I'm Going Home Again
Friday: FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Online Instruction or McDojo?

I re-shared these posts:
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Forget training in Memphis.  I've found my new REAL MASTER.

Really nice post by +Way Of Ninja's blog: 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Dismiss Beginners

If I missed a neat video or article or other martial arts related thing of note, let me know in the comments!


Today I am doing something martial arts related every waking moment (practically). Working on learning forms in the morning, teaching a women's self defense class in the afternoon, and attending the AKATO 40th Anniversary Banquet in the evening.  I will be on the run from about 7:30 am or so until probably around 10 pm.  The hardest part of my day is that I have to drive from Fort Worth to north Dallas, back to Fort Worth, back to west Dallas, which is about 3-1/2 hours on the road.  I also have to change clothes three times!

So what did YOU do this week?  What did you train? What did you teach?  Did you see any really cool martial arts stuff online?  Let me know!