Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daredevil Season 2: Awesome Fight Scenes and a Problem

Two of my nerd worlds collide today  - martial arts and comic book shows.

"Daredevil" Season 2 is on Netflix right now.  You may recall I wrote about one particular awesome fight scene - one that reminded me of "Oldboy" - here.

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There are two big fight scenes people are talking about this season.  The first one is where Daredevil is fighting a large group of vicious bikers in a hallway and in a stairwell.  This fight directly hearkens back to the hallway fight in Season 1.  I admit, I think they went a little too far out of the realism that made that scene from Season 1 so memorable, but it's still a hell of a fight (and well shot, too):

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In this very same episode Punisher (another vigilante like our hero, but one that kills) and Daredevil have the perennial comic book discussion on the nature of vigilantism.  Punisher generally kills the bad guys (sometimes torturing them before he does so) and Daredevil doesn't intend to kill anybody, preferring to hand the over to the police when he can. It's the old "Kill the bad guys so they can't kill again" versus "Beat up and capture the bad guys and send them to jail because we're better than they are" argument.

It's a classic comic book argument.  I have a big problem, though, with Daredevil trying to take the moral high ground over Punisher's relatively straight forward solution to the bad guy problem.

Watch the fight scene above, and you tell me how survivable much of what happens really is.  Daredevil hits people in the head with a heavy chain and other weapons and tools. Repeatedly.  Daredevil doesn't (apparently) kill anybody, especially as we see the same bikers coming back for more punishment, but I think it's just that Daredevil has been incredibly lucky.  In real life, there'd be some serious, maybe even fatal, injuries in that scene.

The show pretends that not shooting or stabbing people is a painful but generally harmless activity.

Daredevil isn't the only show doing this sort of thing - "Arrow" also does it when they have their heroes use metal weapons (a staff and escrima sticks) and hit each other in the head in practice with the other person no worse for wear.  There are more than one example of this, but this scene is the one that first made me get a little annoyed with this concept.

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Getting hit with rattan like this will make you do more than just go "OW!"  Metal pipes?  To the head?  Come on.  I'd never practice with the Arrow again because he's a jerk and it'd take four to six weeks for my injury to heal after every practice.  Not to mention all the dental repair bills...

By the way, this badass practice in the video above (from "Arrow")  is just sinawali, stuff we teach white belts.

Oliver Queen ("the Arrow" or "Green Arrow" in the comics) is a lot like Daredevil in that he decides intentionally not to kill anybody either.  Never mind that he uses weapons that can easily risk serious permanent injury or death in nearly every fight he's in.

So yeah, guys, any hero using weapons is risking killing somebody every time they use them. That's the nature of weapons, y'all.

Because I know there's LARPers out there who will watch this stuff and try it out, I want to make this perfectly clear:

When you hit people with objects you risk serious injury and death every single time you do it.

Especially in the head.  This is why it's a more serious crime than hitting someone with your fist in real life - the difference between "Assault" and "Assault with a Deadly Weapon".

Ok so, let's go back to "Daredevil" and end on a high note.  This second scene is the one that's really got people excited, especially in the FMA world, and you'll see why when you watch it.

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AWWWW, YISSSS!  That's more like it - brutal, bloody, and fast, the way a fight with weapons would be.

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Apparently I'm not the only one thinking this.  My friend Andy over on Facebook shared this with me:

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