Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 02/06/16

Here's how my week of training, writing, teaching, and miscellaneous Filipino Martial Arts-y goodness went.

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday:  Attended MAPA 8.  Worked on lots of disarming (single stick, double stick and empty hand, and with tonfa too), espada y daga, and learned a neat tapi-tapi like drill from Arnis de Leon.  My writeup is below.  I got my right hand jammed hard and my right ring finger was stiff and swollen for most of the week.  The weird thing is that I don't quite remember how/when that happened during the seminar, just when it started to really hurt toward the end!
Sunday:  Went to Medieval Times with my family.  It was pricey but really fun. I highly recommend it.
Monday:  My "day off". Let my hand heal.
Tuesday:    Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis.  Worked with the kids on their striking by having them hit pads.  Elbows in and straight wrists, kids!
Wednesday:  Attended class at Hidden Sword.  Worked on various aspects of sinawali boxing, leading to throws.  It's been a while since I was thrown to the mat that often - it was fun!
Thursday: Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis. We worked on Combative Response #1 - both with sticks and empty hand - all class.  Got in a lot of reps, correcting little issues here and there with each student.  We're prepping for our next rank testing at the end of the month.
Friday: Taught class at Mid-Cities Arnis.  Did the 12 Angles of Attack as an attacking/blocking drill with supported blocking and walking up and down the floor.  Corrected a lot of blocking issues, and that was very satisfying.  Then we stick sparred, focusing on attempting to capture the stick.  Very quickly, you end up "stick grappling" when you play that way!  Very fun!

Me getting stabby with it at MAPA 8


I posted these posts of original content this week:

Monday:  Thoughts from MAPA 8: It's All The Same Thing
Wednesday:  How Cheering Made Me a Better Martial Artist
Friday: FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Change One Reality of Your Martial Art?

I re-shared these posts:
Tuesday:  My Wish List: Body Armor
Thursday:  Let's Talk About Sticks

January was my 3rd best month for average views in the history of this blog.  Thanks, y'all!


The big news in the FMA world was news of GM Cacoy Canete of Doce Pares passing away on February 5.  Jack Lee at the Stickgrappler blog posted a nice memorial here and Russ Haas wrote a wonderful memorial here.

Neat video from Ballet Manilla, which shows one of the ways the Filipino Martial Arts was kept alive through dance (and there are other native arts kept alive the same way)...

If I missed a neat video or article or other martial arts related thing of note, let me know in the comments!


I can't believe we are nearing the 2nd anniversary of MAPA - it looks like MAPA 9 will be sometime in May this year.  Really, if you are anywhere in or near the DFW area, you really should come to a MAPA.  If you're on Facebook, follow the MAPA page here.

Today I get to get in some intense kobudo practice, which I need.  It was hard to work on it this week with the jammed finger.  It's still problematic but I think I can practice without losing my grip on a tonfa and having it fly across the room.

I hope.

So what did YOU do this week?  What did you train? What did you teach?  Did you see any really cool martial arts stuff online?  Let me know!