Monday, January 4, 2016

Big Plans for 2016

A great year is now in the books, and it's time to make my goals for 2016.

These are not resolutions.  NOT.  RESOLUTIONS.

Well, maybe one resolution.


Okay, so, 2015 was a heck of a year, y'all.  It was a year of growth for me in my training, my goals, and in this blog. It's gonna be hard to top.

1) Arnis - become proficient at playing tapi-tapi

In 2015, I focused on trying to get better at the basics, and I accomplished that goal.  This year, I want to spend time on "higher level" material - specifically, spending time in "tapi-tapi" play.

I need to get smoother at playing it, but also I enjoy the "brain training" tapi-tapi gives you.  It helps you train yourself to think ahead a few moves, to think about counters to the counter, and to spot openings and holes you can exploit.  When you get good and smooth at it, all of those things come into play, and it's just darn fun when you figure it all out and start "stealing the drive" or when you can execute something unexpected.

We have students at this stage at Hidden Sword, so I'll hopefully be playing a lot of it there as well.

Mr. Chick and I will be adding regular sessions of tapi-tapi to our weekly training routine in 2016.

2) Growing the Empty Hand

This goal is related to our long-term prospects at being martial arts teachers and having our own school, as well as for my own personal interests.

Mr. Chick has been pursuing training and certification in what I'd call "modern" martial arts and combatives.  Most of what he does is definitely adult oriented martial arts - which is wonderful, but limits our options going forward in our school.

I have been thinking long-term that I wanted to pursue something more traditional, and something that could help sustain not only an adult program but also a kid's program too.  Studying Kobudo has also reinforced my attraction to more traditional martial arts.

By the end of 2016 I will be in a more traditional martial art training program.  I have not finalized what it is yet, but I'm probably going back to my roots with my original teachers.  I have to travel to do this, so it will be a matter of going there a few times a year, training intensely, coming home, and practicing, solo and with Mr. Chick.  I am working on a local option to supplement the plan I'm considering, but it's not finalized just yet.

Good thing I just bought a new white gi, huh?

3) Exercise Is Not Optional

I think I've established I just can't get into a gym (and no, I'm not willing to cut into sleeping time - I need that to heal!).  So I will be getting coached on body-weight exercises I can do at home that will help me get in a good workout and build strength.  I hope this will also help me knock off those last 15 pounds or so as well as making me a moar deadly martial artist.

Hey, I'd be watching martial arts training videos, so it's multitasking.  Right?  Right?

I want to have this in place starting in February, and by the end of the year, I expect to be able to grow reps in the exercise program(s) we decide for me to use.

4) Grow Mid-Cities Arnis to 20 Students

This is more of a school goal, but that's the number we've picked.  If we do that, it will be a huge school as far as FMA's in the USA goes.

5) Blog Goals

I just can't put much more work into this blog than I already do.  So my goal for the blog this year will be very modest growth.  I'd like to achieve 68,000 views for 2016, which averages about 186 views/day.

It doesn't sound like much, but 2016 is going to be (possibly) busier than 2015, especially considering the empty hand study being added into my normal routine.  I didn't mention seminars as a goal - I plan to go to at least four to six that I know of in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone.

So what are you planning for 2016?  I want to know!