Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Dream Came True

Oh yeah, it's another parentbrag post, people.  Fair warning.

It had to be, oh, over two years ago now, when Mr. Chick told me about a dream he had.

It involved Younger Daughter, in our teacher's Tae Kwon Do program, taking her first rank belt test (for yellow).  In his dream - which happened before Older Daughter earned her black belt - Younger Daughter received her yellow belt from her sister.

As you can imagine, for a martial arts family, the idea of the youngest member getting her first rank belt from her sister, the black belt is... wow, just, very emotional and powerful.  Mr. Chick's dream captured both of our imaginations.

Fast forward to this year.  Younger Daughter started tae kwon do this year, after a fitful start or two, and she was even in our Arnis class for a while (but no longer - she's now totally focused on tae kwon do).  Younger Daughter is in martial arts because she wants to be there, mind you - not because we've made her do it.  She wants to be like her sister right now, and she's definitely more of an assertive personality than her older sister was.

Well, guess what, y'all?  This happened Monday night:

That's Older Daughter, who is handing Younger Daughter her shiny new yellow belt in tae kwon do after her successful yellow belt test.

Hubby's dream came true.

As you can imagine, this is how we reacted:

Yep, we are some very, very happy and proud parents.

Yes, I know about the belt being tied wrong.

Tell us about a particular moment in your child (or a student's) training progression that stands out to you.  What time in the martial arts made you feel like your heart was going to burst because it was full of rainbows?  We want to know!