Friday, December 4, 2015

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: "Going Dark" for the Holidays in Martial Arts Schools


Today is a topic is about the holidays and what teachers should (or should not do) during the holiday period of Christmas/New Year's.

Some schools keep their schedules except for the actual day of the holiday (typically Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, presumably Boxing Day in countries that have it, and New Year's Eve, and may or may not have classes on New Year's Day).  Mid-Cities Arnis has chosen to do this, and one other school I attended did the same thing.  Basically, if our rec center is open, we're having classes on our regular days.

Other schools will pick a point some time in mid-to-late December - typically a few days before Christmas - and suspend all holidays until the first "regular" class date after New Year's Day in January.  My teacher's school does this, as well as other schools we've been in over the years.   The rationale - and it's a reasonable one - is that people are far too busy and won't attend class anyway, so it's best to just close the doors during this period.

So I want to know what YOU think...

Should martial arts schools "go dark" during the Christmas/New Year's holiday season?