Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Goals Update: FINAL

At the beginning of the year 2015, I made a few goals for myself and this blog.  I edited them and updated them here and here.

Here's how it all turned out.

1) Increase Seminar Attendance

My original goal was 6 for the year. Here's all the seminars I attended in 2015:
  • MAPA 4
  • MAPA 5
  • MAPA 6
  • MAPA 7
  • IMAF Houtson Camp
  • IMAF Dallas Camp
  • PAC (one session)
  • A-KATO Seminar
  • Datu Dieter Kn├╝ttel
  • Dan Anderson
  • Datu Tim Hartman 
This year, I've gotten to learn from all sorts of people, from local players like me up to leaders of major organizations in my art and others.  It was a huge year for making connections, meeting lots of new people, and personal growth.  I noted that I wanted to get to a small circle jujitsu seminar, but that was not to be this year (the best opportunity conflicted with a different seminar I was already committed to attending!)

This goal was achieved, and then some.

Me acting as +Datu Hartman's victim.. um, I mean, uke, at his seminar in November.

2) Back to Basics

Starting a martial arts school, with all new students, means you spend a LOT of time in the basics.  I didn't know that we'd have Mid-Cities Arnis when I made this goal, but it's kind of interesting that I did.  So I spent a lot of time thinking about range, about targets, about footwork, about proper blocking, about proper striking and strike mechanics... it was a very fundamental year, really.

I wanted to have more flow, and smoother motion.  I think I do - between the seminars and the teaching new students... hard not to improve there.

Note - I discovered (for myself) something in the basics I never thought of before very recently, so it goes to show that spending time in fundamentals pays off.

3) Meet my weight loss goal

My goal was to lose four pants sizes.  I've lost 3, and I'm not too far from reaching goal (I am a loose size 12 and a tight 10). I did buy a new gi - my white one for my first test in Kobudo back in October - which is one size smaller than the black/red combo you usually see me wear in pictures.  I didn't actually meet the specific goal, but I'm very pleased with the results.  Check it out:

There's a whole lot less of the Stick Chick!

I'm very happy with how I made progress on this goal in 2015 - of all my goals, this was the big one, and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.  I have a bit to go - the last 10-15 lbs are always the hardest -  but I'm sure I'll get there in 2016.  I also fundamentally changed the way I eat, permanently, and I think I eat a lot healthier than I used to, which is always good.  So I plan to maintain the progress forever.

Get thee behind me, Nacho Cheese Doritos.

4) Continue at the Gym

Nope. Failed in a big way.  I just didn't have the time.

Pretty much.

5) Start Kobudo

I did, and I'm loving it!  Goal achieved.

6) Enrollment of 10 students in Mid-Cities Arnis

I set this mid-year.  We're still at 8 students, and I'm glad we have those eight.  We are planning a big marketing push in the new year.  Goal not achieved.

I set a goal for 65,000 blog views in 2015.  I passed this goal on Thanksgiving weekend, a month early!   As of this writing (it could and probably will change in the last day or two of the year), I'm averaging 199 posts/day this year - to make 65K (and a little change) I had to have 179 views/day. Goal blown away, mainly thank to Master Ken sharing my fan post of Todd back in July - that gave me as many views in a few days as I get in a month.  Without that, I think I still would have made goal, but just barely. Either way, it was a great year for growth of the Stick Chick blog.  Many thanks.

Overall, 2015 was a banner year for me:  I got to learn from some of the top guys in my art, I met a lot of new friends at seminars, I got better at what I do mentally and physically, I expanded my martial arts horizons in kobudo, we started our martial arts program, and my younger daughter started martial arts.  Plus this blog chugged along really well, and I wrote some things I'm pretty proud of.  It was an outstanding year and it'll be hard to top it.

I'll be publishing my 2016 goals in a few days, for my martial arts life and for this blog.

How did your year go?  Did you make any goals for 2015, and how was your progress?  Let us know in the comments!