Monday, November 9, 2015

Thoughts from MAPA 7: Same Picture, Different Angle

MAPA 7 was a blast!   To read about prior MAPA events, click here.

Our school got to host it for the first time.  Usually the hosts are a part of the instructor rotation, but we decided to forgo that tradition (we're the newest school there, and we didn't feel like we had anything new to show them yet), so we had Bruce Jenkins of Moroland Martial Arts, David Beck of Beck Martial Arts, Abel Martinez of TNT Self Defense, and my teacher, Mark Lynn of Hidden Sword Martial Arts.

I'm not going to detail everything that was covered here.   Guru Bruce showed standard Modern Arnis disarms and some variants for follow ups, including traps.  Guro David showed redondo (or redonda), and how to apply it in empty hand.  Guro Abel worked on obstruction removal and follow-ups, including some nice chokes.  And my teacher covered one of my favorite topics, sumbrada (or shadow drills - some organizations call this the 6 count drill or 3-8-12).

The cool thing that occurred to me this time, is that each topic was very well known to me but each teacher had a different take on it what I already know. It makes what I already know deeper and more complete than it was before.

Take redondo. It was one of the first things I learned in the Filipino Martial Arts.  This is me, doing it on "four corners":

I have been doing this a long time, and while it's not difficult, it looks impressive, doesn't it?

We have another drill, off of single sinawali, nick-named "the pokey drill", where you insert a poke (for the Modern Arnis crowd, the #6 or #7 strike) and the other person defends against it. There's lots of variations of the "pokey drill".

But it never occurred to me in a million years to do redondo vs. that poke.

That's what David showed, and it was one of those moments... you know what I mean...

The whole seminar was like that.  Take something I know, and do something that didn't occur to me to do.

This is why MAPA is so awesome. Even if most of us come from the same common "ancestor" (mostly Remy Presas), each of us has a different take based on when we or our teacher studied with Professor, or the other arts we study and have incorporated into our Arnis.

It makes the picture more detailed, as it's coming from a different angle.

Speaking of pictures, here's some of me from the seminar.

Risking getting conked on the noggin is fun!

My teacher and I, working on a variant of sumbrada

One of my students getting coached on how to hurt me better

Me getting revenge on one of the coaches (Guru Bruce)

Aw hells naw, you did NOT poke that stick at me!

Guro David shows a wrist lock bonus on an arm drag.

Helping my student in sumbrada
 The next MAPA - MAPA 8 - will be in the winter (January or February most likely).  I'm not sure where it will be or who's hosting yet, but I'll keep you updated.

Seriously, if you are in the DFW area, even if you've never picked up a stick in your life, you're welcome to come to MAPA.  It's inexpensive as far as seminars go - $25 guys - and it's a great intro into the Filipino Martial Arts if you're brand new to it.

Oh, and that coaching that my student got above?


Tell me about a moment where you got a new perspective on something you know well, or about any cool seminar story you might have.  I want to know!