Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks: Friends and Family

Today I want to give thanks for the friends I've made in the martial arts, and my family's support of this crazy little hobby I've taken up.

I want to recognize our training partner Tomas Mendoza.  Tomas is a few ranks behind us at our teacher's school, and my primary training partner outside of my husband.  I love working with Tomas - he has a very precise and organized approach to the martial arts, and he's always up to learn and grow.  He's going to be a hell of a great black belt.  Thanks Tomas!

I want to thank the parents of the kid students at Hidden Sword Martial Arts.  I want to specifically recognize the Serralta family.  You guys do so much to support the school, and I'm very grateful for all you do.

I want to thank the people I get to train with often here in at MAPA events here Dallas-Fort Worth (and Texas - not forgetting my friends down in College Station who make the drive on occasion).  They are too numerous to list here, but I wanted to let all of you know that I love seeing you, training with you, and appreciate what each of you have taught me.  Any time I get to hang out with you is something I look forward to.

Now let's talk about my family.  I've bragged on my immediate family (our house is NOT the one you want to break into, people) but I just wanted to thank them for supporting me, personally.  They are always the first to point out when I do well and to help me when I'm struggling.  It's awesome to know they have my back.

They are also very patient with this martial arts blogging hobby of mine, too!

My extended family (mom, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law...) may not understand why I've become so enamored of the martial arts, but they've all been 100% supportive.  Thank you, guys.

So tell me about the friends you've made in martial arts, or how your family supports your participation in this weird little hobby.

(And Happy Thanksgiving in America!)