Friday, October 16, 2015

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Disability and Promotions


Today's topic is based on a story I've heard recently, and  upon some comments I read when Willie Nelson was promoted in his martial art a year or so ago.

Here's the situation:

A person with a physical disability has tested twice for his next rank and failed both times.

It was unclear why exactly he'd failed after each test, but word came back to him that he hadn't met the requirements of the next rank in his art because of his disability, and thus, would never be able to reach the next rank because of this issue.

So obviously, some folks believe that rank requirements in martial arts are standard and objective - either you can meet it or not.  But I know there are plenty martial arts out there that will take into account physical impairments - such as not being able to kick a certain height because of knee or hip issues - when issuing rank, and will not allow those things to prevent a student from moving up in rank.

So I'm curious what you think.

Should allowances be made in rank progression in a martial art for disability?