Monday, October 26, 2015

A Difficult Decision (but not really)

My younger daughter has been in our Arnis class for the past month and a half.

Receiving her white band

We allowed her to try out Arnis as well as go to Tae Kwon Do with our teacher once a week.  She begged to be allowed in class, so we agreed.  We did not push her into Arnis, mind you - our plan was always to have her in Tae Kwon Do under our teacher to start.

This week we decided that she will no longer be allowed in Arnis class, at least for the foreseeable future.

It sucks.

She is the youngest student in the class, and she's having trouble paying attention.  She's a bit disruptive sometimes, and she has trouble treating her parents like "Miss Jackie" and "Mister Kevin" as we've asked her to do.  She's young and paying attention isn't very easy sometimes. We have another student like that, thought so that's not the reason she's out, although she's received enough warnings now that she was already on some thin ice.

But she loves class, and especially loves stick sparring on Friday nights.

We were stick sparring the other night, and one of our other students was playing against our daughter.  The other student made a really nice sparring move (with some excellent timing) and tagged our daughter on the hand (our rule set right now is hand shots only).

I actually got this moment on camera - younger daughter on right.

Everybody was impressed and cheered for the other student (he's one of our two that is going to test this week and is progressing very nicely).

Our younger daughter promptly threw a temper tantrum

An epic, screaming, red-faced, foot-stomping temper tantrum.

I had to remove her from the room and spent the last 10 minutes of class trying (and failing) to calm her down in the hall.  Her screams echoed throughout the entire recreation center and several people from other parts of the center came up to see what was wrong.

That.  Was.  Fun.

It embarrassed everybody - herself, me, her dad, the other students...

We just can't and won't allow that behavior in class.

So, younger daughter is going to just be in Tae Kwon Do for a while, as she respects her teacher there a lot more, and maybe she can, over time, earn her way back into Arnis, if she wishes to do so.

I'm still pretty sad about how this turned out, but I'm not terribly surprised.  She's just too emotionally immature to be in my class, especially with sticks.

Have you had an experience like this - a student that you just had to "fire" from your class?  Did you have to ban your own kid from class?  I'd like to hear your stories.

UPDATE JUNE 2016:  Younger daughter has matured a bunch, and has been asking to come back to class.  We're going to try it again over the summer and see how it goes.  I'll let y'all know.