Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Goals Update - Down to the Wire

So I made some goals at the beginning of the year (here and updated here), and here's how those are going.

1) Increase Seminar Attendance

As of this writing, I've attended:
  • MAPA 4
  • MAPA 5
  • MAPA 6
  • IMAF Houtson Camp
  • IMAF Dallas Camp
  • PAC
  • A-KATO Seminar
  • Datu Dieter Kn├╝ttel
  • Dan Anderson
I have two more planned for this year:
  • MAPA 7 (which we're hosting at Mid-Cities Arnis)
  • Datu Tim Hartman (which we're co-hosting with my teacher's school, Hidden Sword Martial Arts).
That makes a grand total of 11 seminars in 2015.  My original goal was 6.  So yeah... I 'd say this goal was achieved (and then some).

MAPA 4 and 5,  and IMAF Camp Pics

Hubby (Left) and I (right) with Datu Dieter (in the middle)


2) Back to Basics

Since we started our own martial arts school, I spend more of my time in the basics - teaching them, thinking about them, doing them.  My brain is basics-heavy.  So yeah, this is going to be achieved and then some.

Teaching targeting at Mid-Cities Arnis

3) Meet my weight loss goal

My goal as to lose four dress sizes.  I am nearly there - I've lost three and my current size is sometimes loose on me.   I don't know if that will be perfectly achieved by the end of the year, but I've been able to stay on track with this goal all of this year.  I think of all my goals, this was the one I really wanted to achieve, and I'm really proud of my progress.

4) Continue at the Gym

Epic fail is epic.  I just don't have time.  Something had to give, and this is what gave. 

5) Start Kobudo

I really wrote this goal wrong, I think.  It's really start kobudo, and stick with it.  I did this - I passed my Green Belt exam recently and we'll be starting Tonfa shortly.

6) Enrollment of 10 students in Mid-Cities Arnis

I added this goal in June.  We have 8 students now - and two students trying classes at the end of this week.  This goal is very achievable.

Enjoying training outside in the warm Texas October weather at Mid-Cities Arnis

And finally, for this blog, I set a goal of 65,000 views for the year 2015 (the idea was that I'd pass 100,000 views by the end of the year).  Don't let the counter fool you - I had two huge spikes in traffic over the summer that weren't "real" and I do not count those in my view counts (but I got a huge boost that was totally real when a post of mine was featured on Master Ken's Facebook page).

So as of right now, I have thus far in 2015 58,000 views.  I'm averaging 197 views/day (way over my goal of 179/day), and I think I'll pass this total views goal in November, a month ahead of schedule.

It's not easy to post as much as I do - and I write for Mid-Cities Arnis as well - and I'll have to re-think my posting schedule in 2016.  

Again, if you're interested in writing a guest post for this blog, please do reach out to me!  Let's chat about it!

How are your goals for the year going?  I'd love to know what you're doing - let me know in the comments!