Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thoughts from MAPA 6: Bigger Than It Looks

So over the weekend, I attended MAPA 6 in Mesquite, TX.

The nicest people who do the meanest things.

As usual, we had a format of four hours, four instructors.  When the instructors weren't instructing, they were in the group learning like the rest of us (and that's one of the cooler things about MAPA, if you ask me).

First up, David Beck showed some disarms and locks straight out of Modern Arnis' empty hand Anyo Isa (Form 1).

Yes, that's the so-called "x-block".
You put your left foot in...

This is a very painful lock.

I know it's painful from EXPERIENCE.
(Yes, that's me on the ground)

It was fun to work through David's riffs on various points for disarms and locks.

Next, Bruce Jenkins shows us various basic locks he teaches as part of his Moroland Arnis system.

Bruce's uke is probably glad to be his friend, rather than an enemy!
Locks move in to throws...

Me working on the finer points of bringing the pain...

Next Jason Gutierrez of Hock Hochheim's Force Necessary, showed some really cool defense against the knife, including ground work.

Suddenly - EAT BOOT, BAD GUY!
The tables get turned on the bad guy

Kevin, it's not a good idea to attack Jason this way.  JUST SAYING.

Ha, getting put into painful locks is FUN!

Finally, Darren Dailey of the Dallas Modern Arnis Club taught some two sticks vs. one stick material.  I really enjoy this type of material, so it was a great way to end the day.

Darren's going to do something very mean to Bob.
Surprise stick to the teeth in three... two... one...

Getting out of the way of his sticks...

Even our junior Arnis players go to MAPA

So why did I title this post "bigger than it looks"? 

Arnis is a much, much bigger world than it seems to be to outsiders.  You might be surprised that we spend lots of time at MAPA events on empty hand techniques (because there's almost always some of it at a MAPA event).  You also might be surprised to see work on the ground, yet there it was.

Most of us who play Arnis play other systems too, and thus, bits and pieces from here and there get integrated and "Arnisified" into our system (and that's okay by us).

"Art within your Art" indeed - it makes our Arnis world big, and it gets bigger all the time.

MAPA 7 will be some time in early November - I can't wait!