Saturday, September 19, 2015


I'm going to start documenting what I'm up to each week on Saturdays. It's STICK CHICKIVITY!

I'd like to know what YOU'VE been doing too - tell me what's up in the comments below!

  • Saturday: Arnis class at Hidden Sword. Helped work on tapi-tapi and reviewed various advancedsinawali patterns.  In the afternoon,I attended the once-a-month Kobudo class with AKATO.
  • Sunday: Bo review (including the bo sumbrada) and hung out with my friend +Mike Reis 
  • Monday: Arnis class at Hidden Sword.  Worked on tapi-tapi patterns and then worked out the new version of "Anyo Lima". Practiced bo.
  • Tuesday: Taught MCA Class.  Worked single sinawali (stick and empty hand) and hubud-lubud. Practiced bo.
  • Wednesday: My day to shuttle kidlet to Fencing and watch children so hubby can go to Arnis class. Practiced bo.
  • Thursday: Taught MCA Class.  Worked on 12 angles (corrections), single sinawali, and introduced empty hand strikes.
  • Friday: Taught MCA Class.  Our first stick fighting session - everybody loved it! Practiced bo.  Hubby & daugther attended a karate workshop from Dan Anderson in Bridgeport.  I stayed home with younger daughter.
Some of our kids Arnis players reviewing the 12  Angles of Attack


Posted three new posts of original content:

You probably don't like this gif as much as I do.

Re-shared two "In Case You Missed It"/"Throw Back Thursday" posts:

YES! I can beat up children!  MY ART IS AWESOME!

I write the posts for the Mid-Cities Arnis blog.  This week's "values" post was on HONESTY.  You can read it here.


Bamboo Spirit started a new video series on teaching Modern Arnis to kids - check out the new series, "Make It Stick!"

This video from Master Ken RULES.

Found out Rifftrax is going to take on one of my favorite martial arts films - MIAMI CONNECTION - in October.  Details here.

My friend Don Roley wrote a neat blog explaining the concept of ki (chi).  As an FMA player, the concept is a little foreign to me, but less so now that Don has explained it.

My friend +Joelle White wrote a nice post about what marital arts programs in recreation/community centers need from the centers.  As both Hidden Sword and MCA are rec center programs, it resonated with me!  Read it here.


Today I'm covering our Hidden Sword classes with my older daughter while our teacher ushers Dan Anderson around town at various events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Allen Steen's first Karate Association.  Tomorrow (Sunday 9/20) I'll be attending an Arnis seminar with Dan Anderson - if you're reading this on Saturday and you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it's not too late to come on by (details here).  Hubby will be attending Pacific Archipelago Combatives with Hock Hockheim all weekend long.

So how was YOUR week?  Got anything cool coming up soon?  I want to know!