Friday, September 4, 2015

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Kids in Combat Sports


A rather sensational article made the rounds about child participation in Mixed Martial Arts.

It's from the Daily Mail, so consider the source, but here's the article:

Inside the World of Child Cage Fighting

Some good points are made here, even if the article is incredibly biased and not completely well informed.

Besides MMA, we have kids participating in boxing and Muay Thai, too, and even some of our traditional martial arts have some relatively rough sparring going on.

The risk of concussion is high in many of these combat sports (at least, higher than in other martial arts styles, even if it's less risky than, say American Football), and given what we've been learning about the long-term consequences of concussion, some might suggest that we need to stop letting kids participate in any activity with a risk of concussion, including combat sports.

But I want to know what you think.

Should kids be allowed to participate in combat sports?