Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crunch Time

We're in the middle of building Mid-Cities Arnis.

Originally, we were going to offer self-defense classes in the summer, with our full schedule starting in September.

But early this month, we were asked if we could start earlier - in July.  

Of course we said we could.

So now, instead of three months (at the time of the call) of prep time, we got five weeks (now three weeks).

So we've been rushing around, getting t-shirts made, trying to cobble together marketing materials, getting our school uniform instructor shirts purchased and embroidered, getting bank accounts set up, getting registered with the county, getting sale tax permits, getting sticks ordered, getting our lobby sign made, getting accounting set up, prepping our email newsletter templates, making social media images, making ads, scheduling social media...

It's a lot to do.

I didn't even mention finishing our curriculum (it's in draft mode) and Student Handbook!

So we're in crunch time, because July 2 will be here before we know it.   So if my posts for the next few weeks seem less nerdy than normal - well, my brain is on all of that... stuff.

Here's a few pics we took the other day for marketing purposes.  None of these will be used.

Well, probably.
In "Miss Jackie" mode

Anyo Isa (Form 1): "That's the Bad Guy - I just cut right through his arm"


We'd scheduled our first self-defense seminar today - wish us luck!

I could really use your help, my friends - I want to know what details you overlooked when you opened your own martial arts program.  What am I missing?  What do I need to know?

Let me know!