Saturday, May 2, 2015

Today is MAPA 5!

I'm spending most of my day today at +Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance's fifth seminar, MAPA 5.  I will, as always, summarize my experience within a few days.

This is the one-year anniversary of MAPA, and we're quite proud of how well we've been able to keep this seminar series going and grounded in its original purpose.  Today instead of four instructors, we have six (and are going six hours instead of four).

MAPA exists as a way for people interested in the Filipino Martial Arts in the Dallas-Fort Worth (and nearby) area to gather and train with people they may or may not know in a variety of FMA traditions.  There are no ranks, no awards, and teachers and students study alike in a very egalitarian way.  It's a way to network and to grow as martial artists.

It's really fun.

Here's my summaries of the previous MAPA seminars:

MAPA 1: Thoughts from MAPA: The True Value of Cross Training

Group Photo - MAPA 1

MAPA 2: Thoughts from MAPA 2: We Are Family

Group Photo - MAPA 2

MAPA 3: Thoughts from MAPA 3: The Student is the Teacher is the Student

Group Photo - MAPA 3

MAPA 4: Thoughts from MAPA 4: An Empty Hand

Group Photo - MAPA 4

If you're interested in getting a MAPA-like group going in your area, let me know.  I'd be happy to share how MAPA works and how we are able to keep it friendly, fun, and apolitical.