Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Big News

In case you missed the announcement on my Facebook and my Google Plus feeds...

I have some pretty big news.

My husband and I have been working for a while now to get a community center martial arts program teaching my art going at a local Recreation center +NRH Centre here in North Richland Hills.

Our negotiations have been successful, and now, we have scheduled three women's self defense courses over the summer (June, July and August).  Come September, we should be teaching a Presas Arnis class three times a week, and if there is demand, we hope to run a once-weekly ongoing "Women's Self Defense" program.

Introducing Mid-Cities Arnis at NRH Centre.

Getting a martial arts program off the ground is really exciting.  Sure, it's just a small community center program, but still, there's a lot we've been doing and much more to do going forward.

We'll still train with our teacher +Mark Lynn.  Our hope is that our regular schedule will be flexible around the training schedule there, but that is still to be finalized. We definitely consider ourselves students there still, and will be there as much as we possibly can be.

So yeah, that's what I've been dealing with in the middle of moving and the project I mentioned in "Riding the Tornado".  We've been working on curriculum, establishing branding, picking and setting up social media channels, setting up our web site, setting up all of our school and business operations, figuring out our marketing... and none of this is complete to my satisfaction yet.

But the enemy of the perfect is the good, and it's better to have stuff out there versus not out there, right?  RIGHT.

So here's our web site:

And our Google Plus page: Mid-Cities Arnis at NRH Centre

And yes, you can even find us on Twitter and on Instagram, too.  There is a YouTube channel but there's nothing there yet (and it'll be a while, so no hurry to subscribe over there if you look us up).

So what does this mean for the Stick Chick Blog?

Not much - I will continue to write about the martial arts from my perspective here on this, my personal blog.  Of course, my opinions expressed here are in no way representative of Mid-Cities Arnis as an organization.  It's still going to be just my own two cents as a middle-aged Modern Arnisadora.

Fear not, fans of silly meme jokes, dorky gifs and martial arts geekery - this blog will continue. Actually, I'm going to tweak it a bit, hopefully making it better for all ya'll who have been reading these musings for the past year and a half or so.

But if you'd be so kind to give Mid-Cities Arnis a follow in social media, I'd be awfully grateful.

Exciting times, friends!


If you've started up a martial arts program - I want to hear from you.  What pitfalls did you discover?  What should I watch out for?  What what harder than you thought it'd be (and easier, too)?  Especially if you have a community center or rec center program, please, clue me in!