Friday, May 8, 2015

FACE-OFF FRIDAY: Handling Rank When Changing Schools - Black Belt Edition


Let's consider another scenario involving how rank is handled when an experienced martial artist changes schools.  Martial artists do change schools so this is something that most of us as students, parents, and martial arts teachers have to handle.

Here's the specific scenario to consider:

A person who studied Karate has earned 1st Degree Black Belt in their former school in another city.  Now they are entering a new Karate school with a different lineage, but is close enough that they do the same forms, have similar terms, etc.

However, each school has a few major differences in what is required to be a black belt, like breaking being required (or not), physical fitness tests (or not), bunkai of forms (or not), and weapons proficiency in the Bo (or not)...

In summary, this Black Belt does not look like your school's Black Belt.

I'm interested, in this specific situation...

How should this person's rank be handled in their new school?