Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Disruptions and Recombobulations

A little personal issue going on right now - found out a few weeks ago I have to move by the end of this month, and today is the day I'm actually moving (found our new place the day after we were told we have to move, so it's all good).  I'm moving less than a mile, so it's not too horrible.

This times ten thousand (or so it seems).
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As a consequence, I haven't been able to train as much as I need or want to train.  Packing and the details surrounding the move - plus all of the academic end-of-year activities for my kids - has a higher priority at the moment.

In the middle of all this, I also got sick, too.

Yes, let's fire that up for the poor ol' Chickie.
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So, there's consequences to this.

First - not only am I in an incredibly stressful period, but I don't really have much time to engage in the one thing I know for sure helps me cope with stress - doing the martial arts.

Second - my insomnia is back with a vengeance (I wrote about how the martial arts helps me with insomnia here).  My brain is running over all the variables in this move and it's hard to shut it all down at night.

Third - it's only a few weeks but I can feel that new bo form I just learned receding in my mind.  I do practice it mentally - visualizing each step - but I've gotten stuck about half way through and can't remember how to get past this one part.

That sucks.  Hard.

But life happens, and realistically, training disruptions like this do happen and will happen.

All we can do is cope with what we can't control, stay on top of what we can, and come out the other end.  Yes, I'm all discombobulated right now - but there's a recombobulation area on the other side...

This is a real thing at the Milwaukee Wisconsin airport.  I've actually seen it.
Image found here and read about it here.

My "Recombobulation area" consists of the next two days off work to organize the new house and then on Saturday it's the next gathering of the +Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance.  After that, life resumes normally.

I desperately need some stick time, and a six-hour seminar will do nicely.

I also plan to ask my teacher to review the new bo kata with me before my next formal Kobudo session so I don't look like an idiot (well more than usual, anyway).

How do you cope with interruptions in training?  How do you get "recombobulated"?  I'd love to know!

(I won't be back online until tomorrow some time, so I'll be intermittently checking things on my phone - so be patient if I haven't responded - thanks!)