Saturday, April 25, 2015

AWESOME Fight Scene - "Daredevil"

If you have Netflix, I'm sure you are watching the "Daredevil" series there (and if you're not - what is wrong with you?  Get on it - it's excellent)!

Image found here

I admire the fight choreography on this show very much as it's a refreshing departure from the heavily stylized fighting styles we've seen in other shows and in movies.

Fights in "Daredevil" are brutish, simple, incredibly violent and mostly in close range.  Weapons of convenience are used to very great effect.  Knives are shown for being the horrifically dangerous things they are.

Here's a scene that most people who've been watching rave about - and they're totally right.  The choreography and the camera work is superb (it looks like one long shot).  The fact that the participants get hurt and pause to catch their breath and as it goes on, the moves get sloppy... it's just a wonderful scene. Very well done.

Read an interview about how it was filmed here.  I totally agree that it reminded me of "Oldboy" - if you've seen that film, you know which scene I mean.

Enjoy!  If you can't see the video, click here.