Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Submissions needed - MOTION MONDAY and FACE-OFF FRIDAY

I hope you've been enjoying the MOTION MONDAY and FACE-OFF FRIDAY posts here on the Stick Chick Blog.

On MOTION MONDAY, I feature a video from a variety of sources - mostly from the Filipino Martial Arts, but not always.

On FACE-OFF FRIDAY, we discuss issues that tend to be of some debate in the martial arts world, from frivolous questions to very serious ones, indeed.

I'm looking for YOUR HELP!

If Bobby asks, you know you can't refuse.
First off, I'd love it if you'd submit your favorite martial arts videos for inclusion into MOTION MONDAY.   Please choose videos that are long on action, and short on talk.  Its a huge martial arts world out there, and I'd love to share the videos that you love here on the blog - yes, even if it is you in the video!

I'd also love it if you'd give me suggestions for FACE-OFF FRIDAY topics.  Here's what we've done thus far:
  • How Young is Too Young for Black Belt?
  • What is a McDojo?
  • Earning Rank Online
  • Weapons vs. Empty Hands
  • Alive Training Necessary?
  • Only Fighting Ability Matters?
  • Are Values Necessary?
  • Should Belt Ranks Exist?
  • GI/Uniforms vs. No Gi
  • Shoes or No Shoes?
  • Instructors Dating Students
  • Teaching For Profit Bad or OK?
  • Traditional Weapons vs. Demo "XMA"-Style Weapons
  • Cross training vs single-system training
  • Do all fights go to the ground?
  • In a fight, who would win: Master Ken or John Kreese?
  • Was Bruce Lee Really All That?
  • Independent or Organization?
  • Should Kids be Taught Weapons?
  • Are you morally obligated to teach self defense law?
  • Contracts or No Contracts?
  • Are Rec Center programs less legit?
  • Handling Rank when Changing Schools
  • COMING SOON: Visitors Making Corrections
Try to keep your topic applicable to more than just your own martial art - make it more generally applicable to the wider martial arts community.

All submissions used on this blog will get the proper credit for source, so please include what social media links, web site, blog, etc., and how you want your name and/or school listed on the post.

So put your thinkin' caps on for FACE-OFF FRIDAY, and please do send me your favorite marital arts videos for MOTION MONDAY.   You can send it to me via email to submissions@thestickchick.com or tell me about it in the comments below, if you like.

Please include links to videos, thanks - telling me to "Google Joe Blow at Obscure Fu" isn't good enough for me to be sure I found the video you have in mind.

Thanks, everybody!