Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why Do I Keep Training?

This post is part of the Martial Arts Blogger Network  project where all participants write a post on the same subject and we all post on the same day.  The subject is "What motivates me to continue practicing my martial art?" Links to the other blogs posting on this subject today can be found at the end of this post.  Also - there's a curse word in here, if your eyes are delicate, be warned (and why are you reading my blog anyway?)

I'm a middle aged, somewhat overweight woman living in as safe a place as anybody else in my country, which is pretty darn safe.  I'm pretty aware of my surroundings, I avoid bad places (especially by myself).   My personal risk is generally very, very low.

All things considered, I really don't have to train in the martial arts for my personal safety, or even for my health and fitness. There's lots of activities that will serve those purposes without me risking injury every time I do it.

Not acquired doing yoga.
So why do I do it?  

Let me tell you a story.

When she was about four years old, my older daughter and I spent the first really nice spring day of the year (after a cold and snowy winter) at Penguin Park.  She was one of the youngest kids there that day, and the older kids were being awesome by playing with her, and generally speaking, it was about as joyful a day as a four year old can have.

Waiting in line for the elephant slide, my angelic, blond-haired little bundle of sweetness looked at me, literally quivering delight as only a four-year-old can, and yelled, "MOM!  THIS IS SO FUCKING FUN!"

Mommy's Little Sailor.

Like my four-year-old on that long-ago spring day, that's pretty much what I feel like when I am training.

It's just so fucking fun.

What I do is incredibly, stunningly fun. You can't do what I do without cracking a smile, you just can't.

The empowerment  you feel when you get good enough to block a hard incoming strike...

The elation of being able to play tapi-tapi at speed...

The thrill of pulling off that lock or trap, or that disarm at speed when your partner doesn't expect it...

The pure joy of when you are able to pull off a technique against one of the biggest people in the room...

On the inside: "WHOO HOOO!!!"
Even though I get all the things I get from training - self confidence, friendships, peace of mind, help with life-long insomnia, exercise, something for my husband and I to do together...

All of those benefits are less important than the simple fun of it all.

That's what keeps me coming to class, going to seminars, and playing around in our home dojo.

That's why we want to make it our profession, some day.

Who wouldn't?

INDEED.  *insert evil cackle here*

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