Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GIFSET: 1975 Modern Arnis Demo

Back in November 2014, the Masters of Tapi-Tapi Facebook page posted archival footage of a Modern Arnis demonstration, understood to have been at the Long Beach Karate Invitational in October, 1975.

This footage is notable as most of us hadn't seen it before, and it also prominently features actor Dean Stockwell as one of the demo participants.

Yes, that Dean Stockwell.  The one in white.

There is another video, taken around the same time, showing various Modern Arnis techniques in a studio.

This video is fascinating, as it's a great look into the version of Modern Arnis Professor Remy Presas was teaching in the early-to-mid 1970's.  You can see a bit how things have evolved - and how things really haven't changed that much at all.

I decided to take some of the best parts of these videos and make them into .gif files, so that they're easier to share.  So, please, feel free to download them and use them in your own social media efforts.  Enjoy!

Double Sinawali

Single Sinawali

Empty hand vine with a trap and punyo strike to the head

Supported block, pass, and beat the hell out of the guy!

Dip the tip vine to the lock

Another vine with the empty hand

Dean Stockwell Redondo with Bolos

Dean Stockwell Reverse Redondo with Bolos

Two vs. 1 weapon sparring Professor vs. Stockwell

More sparring, Professor vs. Stockwell

Professor moves Stockwell around the floor easily!

Sparring two vs. 1, with punyo inserts and "pokes"

Two vs. One drill, with pokes

Prof takes one guy down, engages another

Disarm vs. #1 and #2 strikes

Classic block, under the arm throw to the ground with the cane

Disarm against overhand #12 strike

Another disarm (a favorite) vs. a #12 strike with follow-up

Nice disarm against a #2 strike, with knee

Blocking with counter-attacks, using arco/doublete/abanico strikes

More block with follow-up, with arco strikes

Disarm against a bolo to armbar and some funny business on the fingers

I am also sharing these via my Tumblr.

Finally, one more look at Dean Stockwell - I'd love to see if he plays with anybody today!

Image found HERE.