Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today is MAPA 4!

Today I'm attending +Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance 's fourth gathering!

New Sinawali pattern?  Yes please!

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If you aren't familiar with the idea, here in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area, we have worked hard to gather FMA (and related) players from all sorts of styles and background together to learn, network, and share ideas.  We try to keep the cost low as we are trying to grow awareness of the Filipino Martial Arts in general, so we want it to be very accessible.  The plan is to have a MAPA gathering each quarter.

We leave the politics and the "my art is better than yours" nonsense outside the doors - we are all there to share and learn together with open minds.

The format is usually three or four instructors (these rotate from gathering to gathering) and we move it all over town so we can reach a broad audience.  As we grow, we are meeting and including more variety in FMA's, so each MAPA is gathering is unique.

Today's is being hosted by Guru Bruce Jenkins of Moroland Martial Arts, a new instructor to our rotation.  We'll also get some good stuff from another new instructor Guro Mike Pana of  the Bayani Warrior Group.  Plus, Guro Abel Martinez and my teacher, Guro Mark Lynn, will fill out the instructor set.

That's me and Guro Abel doing Sinawali at the top of this post.

I'll post pictures and post-MAPA thoughts, as usual.

Mr. Stick Chick (right) practices disarms at MAPA 3.

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