Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015 Plans and Goals


Okay, so last year, I made up some goals for the year, and I periodically tracked them. Some I achieved, some I did not.

So here's my 2015 goals and plans.

1) Increase seminar attendance

I get to do this to complete strangers!

Yes, I go to every MAPA Gathering (there will be four this year) but this year I need to get to at least one Modern Arnis seminar with people I have not trained a ton with before, and I'd like to get to at least one Small Circle Jujitsu seminar.  So theoretically, that's a goal of six seminars at a minimum this year.

2) Back to Basics

Sumbrada, sumbrada, sumbrada.

I need to spend more time practicing basics and smooth motion in everything I do.  To that end, I will add one practice a week on such things.

3) Meet My Weight Loss Goal

They'll be stuck with just calling me ugly.
As I've noted, I had some underlying health issues that impeded my ability to lose weight.  I have that addressed now, and I'm on an eating plan that works for me on many levels, so I'm going to stick to it.  By the end of the year, I will meet my goal and will have lost four dress sizes.

4) Continue At the Gym

I have no pics of me working out.  I'll remedy that someday.

The reason I work out is not weight loss - that's what diet is about - it's to increase my strength.  When I hit you, you will know you got hit!   I am investigating a different weight training regimen that only requires twice a week workouts (versus the three I do now) and I'll try it out and see how it goes.  In any case, I'll continue to be a regular at the gym.

5) Start Kobudo

No pics of me with Bo either - YET.

This month is my first class in a two-and-a-half year program to earn a black belt in Kobudo with A-KATO.  The program includes the bo, tonfa, nunchaku and sai.  The first weapon is Bo.  I am hoping I can learn to love it as much as so many people I know do (it's just so darn big, and I am so darn short).

Compared to last year, this doesn't seem like a lot, but I think I was overly ambitious last year.

For this blog, I hope to reach 65,000 views for the year.  I will keep up the ambitious posting schedule, and I'd like to find additional guest bloggers - if you or someone you know have a hot martial arts topic they'd like to publish here, please do contact me!  Thanks!

So what are your goals and plans for the year?  I'd love to know!