Saturday, December 27, 2014

TOP 10 POSTS OF 2014 COUNTDOWN! Number 1 Post of 2014

We've finally arrived at NUMBER 1!

The top post of 2014 on this blog is also one of the most important.


It was my privilege to help get the word out about scumbag Ralph Hall in Reno, NV, in concert with Don Roley at Colorado Springs Ninjutsu, and to help connect him with Michael Kirk at Stolen Valor.

Read the post here to get the full details.

You may recall that Mr. Hall is a man who claims high rank in the Bujinkan (he has none and in fact forged certificates, which you can see on the links to Martial Arts Planet in the post), to be an ex-Ranger and combat veteran (he isn't and never was), and was released from prison in Georgia in 2013 after serving five years for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor (one of his teenage students).

As a result of these efforts, Mr. Hall was picked up for probation violations and is currently sitting in the Washoe County Jail.  It has been confirmed that he is indeed making the same claims he was prior to his term of incarceration (especially trying to impress people with his combat veteran status) and he is actively seeking to connect to the martial arts community in Reno and teach again.

FRAUD.  He was never a Ranger.

If my cross post can help prevent another family's tragedy, or keep one more person being suckered in by his lies, I will sleep well at night knowing I helped in a small way.

So that's it - the #1 post of 2014!  Were you surprised by how the posts were ranked?  Did a favorite of yours not make it into the top 10?  Did you find this whole exercise kinda silly?  I'd love to know - sound off in the comments!