Saturday, December 6, 2014

The One Year Anniversary of The Stick Chick Blog

One year ago today, on a Friday, I published the very first post here on the Stick Chick Blog: Enter the Stick Chick.

I'll think of a funny caption eventually.
When I began this blog, the basic structure of the theme of the blog, and what I'd post when, was generally what it is today.  That is, Wednesday tends to be for posts that are of broader scope and applicable to the wider martial arts world, and weekend posts (Saturday) are typically more personal in nature.

But the blog has changed big-time over the past year as well versus what I originally envisioned.

When I began this blog, I decided that views would be my main measure of success and I hoped for 10,000 views by the end of the year.  Instead, it  passed the 10,000 views milestone in July, and now it's over 32,000 and climbing.

W00T!!  (That's more like it...)

For the blog's design, I changed from a dark background/white text to white background/black text, as it's much, much easier to read.

I originally planned on two posts a week.  Today, this blog publishes fresh content six days a week, usually, and sometimes seven.

I did not imagine having a regular guest poster in Troy Seeling's "TROY-KWON-DO" series... heck, I started this blog before I even met Troy, and he's a great guy and I'm glad to have him as a contributor here.

I've cross posted three times with other blogs, something I had no idea that I'd do.

But the one thing I had no idea would happen, the best thing hat happened, that I've met so many interesting, knowledgeable, and incredibly nice people, and I've learned that generally speaking, the martial arts world is chock full of folks who are willing and able to pass along what they know, often for free, out of the joy of sharing what we all do.

I've also met some really wonderful other martial arts bloggers - so many good ones (check them out here and I'll be adding more soon) are out there that are worth your time to check out.

I hope this blog has contributed in some way to your martial arts life, too - shared something new, made you laugh, made you think I'm an idiot...

Tomorrow starts the second year of the Stick Chick Blog.  Through the end of the year, I plan to review the first year - share what I think are the best posts, count down the top ten posts by views, and ask you to pick the worst of "Shenanigans".

In 2015, I will seek to continue to give you the best content I can think of, create, or find.

I'll just keep tumblin' for ya.
If you have a favorite post (look at my Pinterest page to easily see every post I've made here), I'd love to know.  If there was a post you thought was particularly awful, I want to know that too.

So, in closing, I'd like to say thank you for reading this blog.  Thank you for commenting and for sharing.  Whether you agree or disagree with what I write here, I'm glad when you share your point of view here. It's always enlightening, and it expands my horizons, and I am very grateful for that.

Thank you.