Monday, December 1, 2014

MOTION MONDAY: Modern Arnis Minute with Datu Tim Hartman (Baston Anyo #1)

Happy Motion Monday!

This month I want to share with you some awesome content being put out there by +Datu Hartman at the WMAA.

It's called "The Modern Arnis Minute".  As of this writing, there are sixteen of these, but I understand that Datu Tim may publish more in the future (I certainly hope so!).  You really should subscribe to his channel!

While we certainly aren't known for it, both Modern Arnis and Kombatan have forms (anyos), both with weapons and empty handed.

Here's the first anyo, Baston Anyo Isa (#1).  One note - Datu Tim shows two versions here - the "original" version (which is very, very similar to the way we do it at our school), and his own WMAA version.  Different players and different organizations may do the anyos slightly differently from one another, and this is normal, as there is no single right, standard way.


If you can't see the video, click here.