Thursday, November 27, 2014

Five Things I'm Thankful For (in the Martial Arts) - 2014

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  It's a major holiday, and honestly, it's my favorite.  I love the idea of spending a day making an amazing dinner and being with family and friends in celebration of everything you have to be grateful for in your lives.

Ready to carve the turkey!

So, in the spirit of this, here's Five Things I'm Thankful For (in the Martial Arts).

My Teachers

I have been incredibly lucky in that I have had a succession of great teachers.  I have moved a lot (see my martial arts biography here)  and in each move since we left our original teachers in Mississippi, we've found teachers who contributed something irreplaceable to my development and growth as a martial artist.

Modern Arnis

I can't get enough of what we do, truly.  Hardly a week goes by that I don't learn a new thing - a nuance, a principle, a new way to think about a technique.  That is the beauty of my art - there's always a challenge to overcome, a problem to solve, and a way to make it work.  I love it to pieces.

My Training Partners

Besides my husband and primary training partner, I've been very lucky to have trained with some awesome people as peers, and continue to do so to this day.  Male and female, young, and not so young, each person you train with bring something new and interesting to the table.  My peers are awesome people that I really love playing with.

My Students

I'm an Assistant Instructor, and I get to help my teacher with kids and adults, sharing and passing along our art.  Each student has taught me a valuable lesson, and I am a better martial artist as a result of working with our students.

The Openness of the Martial Arts Community

In general, if a new person wants to learn a martial art, he or she would be hard-pressed to find a community near them that wouldn't welcome them with open arms.   We have a place for everyone, no matter the age, skill, background... if you are serious and want to learn, we'll be glad to see you and help you along your way.

So this year, those are my five things I'm grateful for in the martial arts.

I'm also grateful for you - those of you who read and comment and share the posts on this blog.  Thank you so much!

Now if you'll excuse me - there's a turkey that needs some eatin'.


What are YOU thankful for in the Martial Arts?  I'd love to know!  Share it!