Saturday, November 22, 2014

Attack of the Brain Fart

My hubby and I have been working on a long-term project at home, where we categorize and record every technique and drill we can remember that we've ever learned.

We've been focusing on disarms - yes, there's a bunch of 'em - but for some reason, we just completely forgot the original disarm we learned, empty hand versus stick, vs. a #1 (high forehand to the head) strike.

We can literally think of at least a dozen ways to disarm vs. that strike.  We know force to force, lever disarms, wraps, snaking, palis-palis (go with the force), with empty hand and stick.

But... not the first one we learned, back in the early days of our training.

It's just... gone.

Part of this, I think, is because as we've gained in experience and skill, we've come to favor certain techniques over others. Another part is just the sheer quantity of what we've experienced has "blotted out" others (until I get reminded by somebody else that I actually already learned that).

And part of it is just a plain old brain fart.

Surely, when you've been training a while, you've had this happen to you, right?

I knew that disarm, I knew it well, at one point in my life.

But now, crickets.


I'd like to hear true tales or your epic brain farts and critical points where you mind went completely blank!