Saturday, October 25, 2014

We Are The Tribe

We martial artists are a minority in the world.  Really, we have to be a very small percentage of the population.

I'm not counting all the kids taking martial arts because their parents make them.  I mean the people who do it because they want to do it.

Some of us start earlier than others.

Of everyone who starts as a child for whatever reason, very few make it to black belt, much less continue as adults.  Even fewer are like me - starting later in life for the first time and sticking with it past black belt.

So yes, there are very, very few of us.

To discover you are a "martial arts lifer" is a revelation - to have found, finally, your place in the world, to have found your "tribe", it's an amazing feeling.

There are other people in the world who are good with spending time performing the same moves over and over and over.  There are other people in the world who are fascinated with the idea of using violence in controlled applications.

There are other people in the world who acquire bruises and cuts for fun.

So if you're a bo spinner, if you're a boxer, if you love to roll, if you swing a stick, if you wear armor, if you kick and punch, if you spar... if you're a martial artist, you're in the tribe.

Get to work on learning the secret handshake.

Hail, brother and sisters!

Let's train!