Saturday, October 11, 2014

Demo Day and MAPA 3!

Today our school is doing our first big demo at Celebrate Roanoke.  We'll be showing stuff from all three of the arts taught at Hidden Sword Martial Arts (American Karate Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, and Kobudo).

Yours truly's main job is as emcee and I will be doing one set where one of our students and I do a chain of various sinawali with both sticks, then we run through the same batch again where I have a single stick.

It's not easy to do Heaven 6 one-handed, let me tell you, much less the entire pyramid.  And boy does my arm get tired QUICK!

I will have an update about the demo and our booth at the festival tomorrow.

Now, another quick note - MAPA 3 is coming up!  If you are in  the DFW area, or know someone who is, please, join us!

Look for +Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance on Google Plus, and please like the Facebook page, here.