Wednesday, September 17, 2014

KIAAA-HA! The Awesome Films of Cüneyt Arkın

In the pantheon of the titans of action films, there is one man who stands alone in his own special category of badass.

I speak, of course, of Turkish international action superstar, Cüneyt Arkın.

10 pounds of awesome in a five pound bag.
Mr. Arkin is best known in the west for "Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam" , popularly known as "The Turkish Star Wars", as the film blatantly steals actual footage from the real "Star Wars" film (the first one - the REAL first one, from 1977).  The whole movie is below (and it's a doozie) but in case you can't see it, here's the synopsis:

However, Mr. Arkin is familiar to most of us in the martial arts world due to this particular video making the rounds:

My legs get tired just watching this video.

But this fight scene takes the cake. Huge ridiculous swords?  Check.  Weird posing with said gigantic swords?  Check.  Ninja-esque guy?  Check.  Martial arts screaming (ala Bruce Lee flicks)?  Oh yes. Bad sound effects? Of course.  Sword twirling?  YOU BETCHA.

I bet this movie was responsible for a whole generation of Turkish kids running around in their back yards with big ridiculous swords doing this:
I just love sword twirling, I really do.
I don't know which of his films the above scene is from, but I bet there's more awesome fights like this in it.

Here's one more.  I... have no words.

I created a .gif for this that I affectionately entitled "Ways to Get Your Arms Broken".

Ouch, ouch, ouch.
Finally, I'd like to share with you this gem, in which Arkin is shot by arrows and he... well... watch the clip.

Mr. Arkin is still alive, and making films according to his IMDB bio.  Whatever you think of the quality of his movies - and they were working on very small budgets, obviously - you can't deny they are entertaining!