Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Five Things You Can Do To Help Your Favorite Martial Arts School

Today's post is aimed more at parents of martial arts kids versus adults, but these tips will work for everyone.

Do you love your martial arts school?  Do you think your teacher is the best?  Want to help them be more successful and grow classes?  Here's some ideas!

1) Leave Positive Referrals and Reviews Online

If you like your school, why not let people know it?  Give them positive reviews on places like Yelp, Google Local, and Facebook.  Offer to be a reference to potential students if needed, and offer to write a testimonial for the school's web site.

In today's world, online reputation can make or break a martial arts school - help keep yours positive to potential students checking them out online.

"Best Martial Arts School Ever"?  I'M IN!!
Don't underestimate how much impact taking a few moments to leave a positive review for your martial arts school can have.

2) Source your stuff (if possible) through your school

Many schools use equipment and merchandise sales as an extra revenue to support the school. Sometimes this can make the difference between a school being profitable or not!

So before you go buy a piece of equipment or merchandise online or at a martial arts supply store, check with your school and see if you can get it from them.  Why not have some of the profit go to supporting the school you love?  Chances are, you can get it as inexpensively as you can online through your school anyway.

If you have a good idea for merchandise - like a parent's t-shirt, for instance - suggest it to the school owner; maybe she can get it made!

I'm certain this would be a huge seller.

3) Provide free advertising

You can provide free advertising for your favorite martial arts school!  Some methods include:
  • Like, share, follow, etc. your school's content on social media channels.
  • Buy and wear school t-shirts out and about (even better, keep a few of your school's business cards on hand in case someone asks you about it
  • If they have them, some schools have yard signs you can put in your yard to advertise the school and that you or your child studies there (much like some communities do this with high school sports or extracurricular activities)
  • If your school offers them, do take and display window clings and/or bumper stickers.

Helping your school become more visible in the local community will help them acquire new students and grow.   And don't forget the classic "word of mouth" marketing, which is making sure you actively refer people interested in martial arts study to your teacher.

4) Volunteer at extra curricular events

Your school might attend tournaments and seminars, or they might perform demonstrations, or they might hold school-specific events like promotion ceremonies and parties.  Whatever the event, step forward to volunteer to help with these events.  As they say, "Many hands makes light work", and your help can make events much more successful!

Of course, my school is attended by Muppets.
Like other activities, martial arts schools are very dependent upon the parents and family of students to help out at things like this.  Plus, there's a benefit for you, too, as it builds community around the school. You might make new friends out of it!

5) Volunteer with school cleaning and maintenance

If your school is in a stand-alone facility (versus a rec center program), odds are, the owner is cleaning the school after class and on the weekends, plus, performing any maintenance (painting, repairs) themselves.

Volunteering to help with these activities would be very much appreciated!

Cape optional.

Cleaning and other maintenance - repairs, installation of new equipment, painting, and so forth - is a big job for your martial arts instructor to attempt alone.  By pitching in, you help keep the school a comfortable and nice place to train.

So there's five ways you can help your martial arts school, most of which are low to no extra cost on your part.  Did I miss anything important?  What other ideas do you have to help out your favorite martial arts school?  I'd love to know!