Saturday, August 2, 2014

THAT GUY: Introducing a new series (and some other stuff)

Other stuff first:

Today I'm attending a seminar with +Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance, so I'll have some "DEEP THOTS" about what I learn or observe there in a few days.

I also have finally gotten good, non-cell-phone pictures from Kidlet's Black Belt test, so I'll probably write more about that in the near future, also.  I'm sure you simply can't wait for my parentbrag post on that subject (yet again).


So today, I'd like to introduce a new series that guest poster Troy Seeling and I will be writing about here on the The Stick Chick Blog.  There is no set schedule for this series (just like you see "Shenanigans" and "Kiaaaa-Ha!" posts whenever the mood strikes me) but I think it's one all of you will particularly enjoy.

Introducing: THAT GUY.

He might be the King of the Dojo.  She might be the Bruce Lee Disciple.  He might be the Suburban Commando.  She might be The Drill Sergeant.   He might be the Incredibly Bad Uke.  She might be The Coach.  He might be The Schmoozer.

You know who I mean.

THAT GUY is that person in your martial arts school that has some quirk that makes them hard to train with or teach.  THAT GUY is that one person that you half-wish would train elsewhere because they drive you crazy.

THAT GUY is the person that you'll tell your martial arts friends about over beers, and they'll nod knowingly and say, "Oh yes, THAT GUY."  THAT GUY is often the star in some of your funniest martial arts stories.

That's what Troy and I will be writing about in the THAT GUY series.

We need your help.

I want to hear your stories about the Jokester, the Dilettante, the Moocher, the Scholar, the Overly Girly-Girl, The Full Cup, and others.  I want to know when you discovered you were THAT GUY and how you changed your ways.

Look, we all love Master Ken, because Master Ken is THAT GUY.  Eventually, spend enough time training, and you'll meet a real-life Master Ken.  In fact, the folks at "Enter the Dojo" have populated an entire school full of the kinds of people we'll write about, but since the Stick Chick Blog is (essentially) free, we can include more examples of THAT GUY here than they can feature in the Ameri-do-te dojo.

So help a Stick Chick out.  Share your stories about THAT GUY here on this post, so we can write about it in the future.  If I use one of your stories, you get full credit (if you want), and we'll make you Internet famous to tens and tens of people!

You're on your own when the paparazzi arrive.

The first THAT GUY post (King of the Dojo - these are guys who show visit other schools with the intent to beat up everybody there in sparring to impress his two buddies and for bragging rights) is planned for Troy's TROY-KWON-DO post this coming Tuesday (8/5), so keep an eye out.

Looking forward to hearing your stories about THAT GUY!