Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shenanigans! EFO

Ah, Finland.  Land of Nokia, reindeer, and a magical version of aikido called Empty Force.

Indeed.  See more analysis at EFO Fail.

EFO purports that their training philosophy " not to try to use any physical force or pain to gain control of the attacker."  Their leader, Jukka Lampila, is usually the guy doing the Empty Force stuff (Empty... forcing?).  You can check out their Facebook page here.

And this is how they do Empty Force.

Yes, the guy in the white gi punches and falls down. Repeatedly.  Now, it could be because he has a somewhat narrow front stance... it could be because he's a white belt and maybe he doesn't know how to do a lunge punch.  Or maybe it's Jukka Lampila's magic powers knocking him over.

Which do you think is the most likely?

Ah, but hey, this works well on the tatami mats of the dojo, what about TEH STREETS?  You can tell that the one dude is the bad guy, because he's wearing sunglasses indoors.

With that very realistic attack scenario, they have it all covered!  Realistic self defense without all that punching/kicking and risk of physical injury to anybody! I'm sold!

If there ever was something in the martial arts that was complete shenanigans, this is it.  It makes aikido look bad, it makes martial arts look bad, it makes Finland look bad, and I feel so very sorry for these incredibly gullible people if they ever try to use it outside of their own dojo. because they are going to get beaten up at best.